Alexa Kay


Rocky Mountain Road Trip 2018


This October I went on a road trip with my boyfriend, Justin, and our dogs, Baxter and Luigi. We rented an incredible camper van through Voyager Campervans and had the BEST time on our snowy fall trip. We drove through the great states of Iowa and Nebraska and cruised our way through Colorado til we reached the mountains. Colorado welcomed us with a fresh snowfall. It was like living in a snow globe. TOTAL MAGIC. I am not a big fan of winter but there is something oh, so wonderful about snowflakes in the mountains. We spent the days exploring and the evenings cuddled up reading books, drinking warm tea and talking.

I could have stayed in the mountains forever. I’m a big nature girl and I felt so at home tucked in the mountains. There is something so satisfying that comes with the freedom of no cell reception.

Oh, and it is official we have that van life itch for REAL. Even the dogs were sad to see the trip end. Til next time..

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